Sven Truyen

I know An for quite some time and having had the pleasure to work with her for a mutual client; I can state she’s without a doubt one of the most talented recruiters I’ve met. Based on her broad experience & network she knows how to match complex positions with the right candidate.

My last cooperation with An was for a freelance sales management assignment in a well-known consulting firm. Her approach as always was refreshingly straight forward/ no nonsense and based on an extreme good insight in her customer and the business/ecosystem; in my case SAP. You won’t fool An!

It has been great to work with An; There she works in a most professional way with integrity, respect and best interests of all parties involved. I highly recommend An as business partner & recruiter any time!

Available Jobs

  • Sales en Marketing Manager
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  • Bedrijfsjurist
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  • Collections Manager
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