Sven Truyen

I know An for quite some time and having had the pleasure to work with her for a mutual client; I can state she’s without a doubt one of the most talented recruiters I’ve met. Based on her broad experience & network she knows how to match complex positions with the right candidate.

My last cooperation with An was for a freelance sales management assignment in a well-known consulting firm. Her approach as always was refreshingly straight forward/ no nonsense and based on an extreme good insight in her customer and the business/ecosystem; in my case SAP. You won’t fool An!

It has been great to work with An; There she works in a most professional way with integrity, respect and best interests of all parties involved. I highly recommend An as business partner & recruiter any time!

Sven Truyen, Independent Business Developer @ Telenet

Chris De Mol

There are those precious moments in your career that you meet remarkable personalities. In one of these occasions I met An when I was applying for an executive IT position.

An without question, is among the very best recruiters I know. She is responsive, extremely knowledgeable about the IT landscape and wholly committed to the best interests of her clients.

I can describe An best as a very skilled & professional matchmaker;. Where most of the recruiters are focusing on the traditional selection criteria (education, experience, …), An makes the difference by finding that candidate that fits with the company culture and values.

Chris De Mol, VP of Engineering at Showpad

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